CD Royalty Loans

Learn About Our Royalty Loan Process

We Make it Simple for You to Get a Royalty Loan!

We do business the Texas way!  We want get to know you and establish a long term relationship built on trust.

Here is what we won’t do:

  • No excessive paperwork to review and sign.
  • No credit check.
  • No guarantor needed.
  • No tax documents needed.
  • No personal liability.

Really, there are only a few things that we need from you!

1) The location of your property.

2) The last two check stubs, or income statements, from the current production company.

3) Contact CD Royalty Loans L.P.  We will provide you with a hassle free cash loan using your producing capital as collateral; all while maintaining ownership of your Royalties and Mineral Rights.

CD Royalty Loans L.P. provides  financing to Texas landowners using their producing royalties as collateral.